Tuesday, January 20, 2009

starting my blog!

Hello dear readers! Finally I hope I am starting my blog! I listened to historical Obamas Inaguration speech and got all excited. To me his speech was uplifting and encouraging, so I decided it is very appropriate to start my blog today - a small change on a small scale.
It is a joy and treasure of my life to be in touch with all dear people in my life- family and friends.
I wish I could see you all more, hug and kiss you, but as you know I can't. So this blog can serve as a tool to fulfill my desire to some extent. I read my daughters blogpages recently, whom I see often, and enjoyed it very much, learning more than I expected about their lives, thoughts and feelings. Maybe blog can to some extent serve as good old letter writing tradition, just sending one letter to everyone in our age of effeciency. Adding pictures to it!
I hope to figure out how it works and put more on it!So far I do not see spell check, so sorry for mistakes.
Love you all!